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Sexstacy Aphrodisiac from Sexy

"Even better than Viagra. Just right for a quiet night in with the girlfriend. Brilliant sex for both, followed by a really good nights sleep." (PJ)


The key to the power of Sexstacy is the nutrient 4OH-2-Furanone. It causes relaxation, arousal, sexual energy, heightened sexual sensitivity, and intensifies orgasms.

It works very effectively for both sexes, and it doesn't cause sleeplessness.

Definitely the ultimate aphrodisiac – sheer Sexstacy.

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What is a Sexstacy experience like?

Sexstacy is our best selling aphrodisiac, and probably the best aphrodisiac available anywhere in the world. It is an aphrodisiac of the traditional sense, in that it makes you both very 'up for it', as well as enhancing the enjoyment and performance of the sexual experience.

Typically you will experience:

  • extra energy,
  • a feeling of greater strength,
  • increased blood flow to the penis
  • greater ejaculatory control and delay
  • very intense orgasms
  • lower inhibitions
  • very relaxed
  • euphoria,
  • heightened sexual sensitivity sensitivity
  • lots of ‘rushes’.

Product Design Report

Sexstacy’s design is based upon treating the whole by giving the organism everything it requires to reach a better state of awareness by its own natural mechanisms as well as direct stimulation. The components work together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of each individually.

Sexstacy should be consumed as a full 3 capsule dose approximately 15 – 30 minutes before sex, for the best effect.

Here I will state the reasons for the inclusions of each of the ingredients in the Sexstacy.


4OH-2-Furanone (4OH) is metabolized into the nutrient gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a natural nutrient found in every cell of the human body, and has been described as a ‘truly non-toxic hypnotic’. It temporarily inhibits the release of dopamine in the brain and stimulates the release of Pituitary Growth Hormone. This causes the user to feel a pleasant state of relaxation and tranquility, placidity, sensuality, mild euphoria, and a tendency to verbalize. Anxieties and inhibitions tend to dissolve into a feeling of emotional warmth, well-being and pleasant drowsiness. The ‘morning after’ effects lack the unpleasant or debilitating characteristics associated with alcohol and other relaxation oriented drugs. In fact most users report feeling particularly refreshed and energized the next day.

The effects can generally be felt within five to twenty minutes after ingestion, and last for 2-3 hours, although the effects can be prolonged through repeat dosing.

4OH has 4 main pro-sexual properties:

  1. Lowered sexual inhibitions (particularly in women)
  2. Greater sexual sensitivity and tactility
  3. Enhancement of male erectile capacity
  4. Increased intensity of orgasms

Because it causes drowsiness (especially in high doses) it is important that it is not taken when driving or operating machinery are required. It should also not be taken by suffers of epilepsy, heart conditions, and it should not be mixed with sedatives or large quantities of alcohol.

4OH is an aphrodisiac in the truest sense, improving both psychological and physical areas of sexual performance. It is extremely effective for both men and women, plus it promotes a relaxing and revitalizing sleep. It is quite simply the perfect aphrodisiac.

Besides its sexual properties, 4OH has been used to treat drug addictions, insomnia, chronic pain, and depression.

SAW PALMETTO [Serenoa repens]:

A long standing mainstay of most if not all aphrodisiacs on the market and any product would be deficient if this were not present. It aids in the prostrate function and increases its potency. The berries are the part used and are very nutritious and act as a tonic for the glandular tissues. They build and strength healthy body tissue very rapidly and tend to normalize body weight. They are excellent for regaining health after any wasting illness and have an anticatarrhal influence on sore urinary passages. They are frequently used in cases of atrophy of the testes and mammary glands. They are most famous for their ability to increase the production of sperm in males when taken regularly. In this sense it can be regarded as a truly beneficial aphrodisiac.

SIBERIAN GINSENG (Eleutherococcus senticosus):

This is known as the king of Herbs because of its multitude of medicinal uses including the control of both high and low blood pressure. It is a true adaptogen as it is used by the body to 'adapt' itself for exercise, exertion, mental and emotional work and so on with the added bonus that ginseng also works as a relaxant. It regulates the whole of the body and is used here as an important component to maintain the correct balancing of the body and mind.

It is active for both sexes and the effects as an aphrodisiac increases with use over time. Oriental men have been consuming it for over 5000 years daily to increase their virility and, reputedly, many of them have been known to father children into their seventies. It has been quoted as bestowing the power of the bull on both old and young. It is however not just a temporary genital stimulant but a long term rejuvenator and reactivator of the endocrine and entire organism which strengthens the heart and nervous system and increases the flow of hormones.


GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is found in the brain and the body. GABA usage will stimulate the release by the pituitary gland of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) (or Growth Hormone (GH)) which is naturally released by the body when it undergoes vigorous peak muscular exercise, during certain phases of sleep, or restricted food intake.

GH stimulates growth and repair of the body as well as the activities of the immune system. The immune system is run down by excess exercise without the proper nutrition. GH also helps the body burn fat and convert it into energy and muscle and aids in wound healing and tissue repair. GH is widely known for its powerful anabolic (muscle building) effects as well as its lipotropic (breakdown and utilization of body fat) effects. The overall result of these effects is an increase in lean tissue mass and a decrease in body fat. Finally, stimulating naturally the levels of GH leads to greater feelings of energy and vigor.

Additionally, GABA has been shown to have positive toning effects on the nervous system, to improve sleep cycles leading to more restful sleep and more interesting lucid dreaming, to have a powerful stabilizing effect on blood pressure and to be an effective analgesic (removing the perception of pain).


As another essential amino acid it is important in our sex lives. It compromises 80% of the sperm cells. A deficiency may result in impotence, sterility, and decrease in the production and mobility of sperm. It is also important for the synthesis and release of the pituitary gland’s growth hormone. It increases sperm counts and is essential for adults after the age of 30 as there is almost a complete cessation of its secretion from the pituitary gland.

It acts by increasing the amount of nitrous oxide in the body which signal the penis to expand and leads to longer lasting and quicker erections.

Here are some comments from people who have already tried Sexstacy

Oh yeah the sex with Sexstacy is great...I'm 32 but I feel 22 again.


Heres how it affected me sexually: my tactile senses seemed heightened (everything felt great!), and I was able to last much longer. How did it effect my wife? The combination of Sexstacy and my stamina was very effective for her. After 4 yes 4! Climaxes, she was tired but satisfied, and my own orgasm was very strong, very intense. We will definitely be using Sexstacy to augment our sex life from now on.


I raved about how great a time me and my girlfriend were having with your help. We had the absolute best sex ever thanks to the Sexstacy, unbelievable! (TS)

Sexstacy certainly enhances my sex life a lot. My girlfriend and I have been having routine sex about once a week. While taking Sexstacy, we have been having sex almost daily! And if that's not enough, she wanted more from me. (RO)