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"This made me feel really horny. Sex was more exciting, and the main thing I noticed was how much more responsive I was to touch." (MB)

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Lust is a very powerful pro-sexual stimulant/ aphrodisiac  when taken shortly prior to sex. Its potent mix of renowned herbal aphrodisiacs amplifies performance and heightens sensuality for both men and women

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What is a Lust experience like?

It is a stimulant, that will give both men and women plenty of Speed like energy, together with aphrodisiac elements that will make sex a far more sensual experience, and it can increase performance in men.

Typically you will experience:

  • lots of extra energy,
  • bigger ejaculations
  • very sensitive and tingly sensations of the hair and skin.

Since Lust is a strong stimulant, for some men it can make it easier to achieve an erection. Also since it is a stimulant Lust can also make it difficult to sleep.

It is a very good after clubbing aphrodisiac, that is ok when mixed with alcohol.

Product Design Report

(January 1999)

LUSTís design is based upon treating the whole by giving the organism everything it requires to reach a better level of performance by its own natural mechanisms as well as direct stimulation. The components work together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of each individually.

Lust should be consumed as a 1-3 capsule dose approximately 30 minutes before sex, for the best effect.

Here I will state the reasons for the inclusions of each of the ingredients in the LUST.

Sida cordifolia

The main active ingredient is Sida cordifolia extract, which contains L-Ephedrine. Ephedrine is a natural amphetamine that gives stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS), similar to speed (but to a lesser extent,) along with the excitation of the peripheral nervous system, that is far greater than that associated with Speed. This peripheral activity is what gives the rushes and the tingling of the skin and hair, and the heightened sexual sensitivity. Exercise such as sex upon Lust will produces masses of rushes. The nature of Ephedrine assures that the overall effects are markedly different from those associated with Speed and other abused Amphetamines such as Ecstasy.

SAW PALMETTO [Serenoa repens]:

A long standing mainstay of most if not all aphrodisiacs on the market and any product would be deficient if this were not present. It aids in the prostrate function and increases its potency. The berries are the part used and are very nutritious and act as a tonic for the glandular tissues. They build and strength healthy body tissue very rapidly and tend to normalize body weight. They are excellent for regaining health after any wasting illness and have an anticatarrhal influence on sore urinary passages. They are frequently used in cases of atrophy of the testes and mammary glands. They are most famous for their ability to increase the production of sperm in males when taken regularly. In this sense it can be regarded as a truly beneficial aphrodisiac.


As another essential amino acid it is important in our sex lives. It compromises 80% of the sperm cells. A deficiency may result in impotence, sterility, and decrease in the production and mobility of sperm. It is also important for the synthesis and release of the pituitary glands growth hormone. It increases sperm counts and is essential for adults after the age of 30 as there is almost a complete cessation of its secretion from the pituitary gland.

It acts by increasing the amount of nitrous oxide in the body which signal the penis to expand and leads to longer lasting and quicker erections.


In summary Lust is a supplement designed to increase energy and sexual sensitivity. It has a simple but effective formula, and it works well on both men and women.

How many do you need to take?

Lust is packaged in 3 capsule doses.

You should take 1-3 capsules depending on the amount of stimulation desired, and also the proximity to when you wish to go to sleep (the closer it is to when you wish to go to sleep, the less you should take.

What is the best way to take them?

Swallowed with a drink (or emptied into a drink for those who do not like swallowing capsules,) approximately 30 mins to an hour before sex.

How long do they last?

Generally a 1 capsule will last 2-3 hours, and 2 or 3 capsules will last up to 6 hours.

How do you feel the following day?


Is it OK to mix them with Alcohol and other drugs?

They do not react badly with alcohol, although alcohol is a powerful sedative, so it can mask the effects of stimulants such as Lust, if drunk in large quantities.

Whilst we cannot condone the taking of illegal recreational drugs, we can say that they should not react in an adverse way when taken in conjunction with Lust.

Any particular Cautions regarding Lust

Lust can cause sleeplessness. You should not take if you suffer from any adverse heart condition, or if you are using any MAO inhibiting medicines. As a safer, but more general recommendation you should not take these if you are suffering any diagnosed medical condition, or if you are taking any medicines, without first consulting your medical practitioner.