Druids Fantasy

"Very nice visuals. Works very well - most impressed" (NL)

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Take a trip to a mystical and psychedelic land, with this, the ultimate legal and natural psychedelic. Druids Fantasy contains a natural source of D-lysergic acid amide, together with intoxicating herbal extracts, for a truly visionary experience.

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What is a Druids Fantasy experience like?

Basically it feels very much like Magic Mushrooms.

Typically you will experience:

  • feeling very giggly
  • a surreal hallucinogenic experience
  • no paranoia
  • euphoria,
  • extra energy and physical stimulation
  • mild feelings of nausea are fairly common, after initial ingestion

Product Design Report

MORNING GLORY (Ipomoea violacea)

This is the main active ingredient in both the Druids Fantasy and Space Cadets, and is one of the few truly hallucinogenic substances that remain without legal controls. The main reason for its continued legal status is that it is an extremely popular and attractive plant.

It is the seeds of this plant which contain the active constituents, and here in our products we use the seeds of the ‘Heavenly Blue’ plant, which is the strongest variety.

The active constituents are D-lysergic acid (which is an LSD derivative,) and ergometrine. The result, primarily of the presence of the D-lysergic acid amide, is a truly LSD like experience, which can last in excess of 6 hours.

The experience is characterised by pleasant LSD like sensations, including changes in perception, the brightening of colours and macroscopia (size changes.)

Similar to LSD and Magic Mushrooms, some slight feelings of nausea may be experienced shortly after ingestion, however these feelings pass, and we have included sirium oxilate to reduce these effects.

Persons with a history of hepatitis or other liver disorders should not take lysergic acid amides. Ergometrine has uterus-stimulating properties and should not be taken by pregnant women.


This is the seeds found within round pods found on the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose plant, a climbing plant found in Asian and Hawaiian forests.

Its active constituent is d-Lysergic acid amine, which like the D-lysergic acid amide found in the Morning Glory, is a powerful LSD like hallucinogen. It also contains other similar LSA compounds, although in a lesser concentration.

It provides an LSD like experience, punctuated by extreme lethargy, and tranquil feelings, that can last up more than 12 hours.

Once again this should not be taken by pregnant women or anyone with a history of liver disorders.

CALAMUS [Acoru calamus]

Calamus is the supplier of the chemicals asarone and ß-asarone, both of which are metabolised into the compound TMA-2 [which has ten times the potency of mescaline] and various sesquiterpenes and minor substituted aromatics that produce their own unique effects. TMA-2 is a known psychedelic with interesting dose related effects that start with stimulation and progress to a warmer deeper effect and finally to fully psychedelic effects.

As the amount of Calamus consumed increases, its effects change from being an MDMA like stimulant, to a more LSD like hallucinogen, and as the dose increases further the effects become more Ketamine related, with ‘out of body’ experiences reported with extremely high doses.

Calamus usage has been noted in the Cree Indians of Northern Alberta who chew it for oral hygiene and as a stimulating tonic that in relatively large quantities cause one to “walk a foot above the ground”. They apparently suffer no unpleasant side effects. In fact, those who use it seem to be in better general health than those who do not.

The plant also has many medical uses and has a proven record of safe and effective use for these purposes.

N.B. Contraindications for MAOI’s.

There are recommendations for this product to be borne in mind as it contains compounds [amines and amine precursors] that in the presence of MAOI’s and in the right conditions can lead to un-desired interactions. Joint consumption with of these products and MAOI’s from medical or other sources should be avoided [this is specifically mentioned for Calamus, Morning Glory, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose].

GINSENG (Eleutherococcus senticosus).

This is known as the king of herbs because of its multitude of medicinal uses including the control of both high and low blood pressure. It is a true adaptogen as it is used by the body to 'adapt' itself for exercise, exertion, mental and emotional work and so on with the added bonus that ginseng also works as a relaxant. It is a true stimulant of the mind and body but does not compare to any illegal substance. It regulates the whole of the body and is used here as the most important single component in these supplements to maintain the correct balancing of the body and mind.

Ginseng is also one of the most carefully researched botanicals in the world. The Research Institute of the Republic of Korea has alone cited and abstracted 1,191 books and papers published on ginseng between 1687 and 1975, and recent history has this increasing daily.

We need not say much more about the positive aspects of ginseng, as every consumer in this country will have already heard, seen, or tried a ginseng product in the last five years which claims to solve, cure or ease all manner of problems (mental and physical), and to extend and generally improve the quality of life!!

Here is our summary of its effects as listed for ingredients.

Siberian Ginseng:

This is the most potent form of ginseng. It is a stimulant, as well as an adaptogen, acting as a graphics equalizer for all of the bodies glands, compensating for imbalances and thus enhancing the bodies recuperative powers.


To start with the botanical piper methysticum is found naturally in the South sea’s region and is commonly known as Kava Kava. It has been used for centuries for relaxation and religious ceremony, with the maximum effects being slight intoxication with no loss of clarity of mind. The clarity of mind is a very important property that makes its use desirable to the design of these supplements.

As noted, large doses will impair motor control and will eventually lead to that drunken type feeling so the dosages we uses are sufficiently low enough to avoid this complication completely.

There is no hangover from the use of this Herb, even for excessive users, and no addictive properties - apart from those of habit - the discontinuation of use gives no physical problem. The men who are known to be heavy drinkers/users of this plant note that even after a long session they still go back to their wife for a satisfying sexual experience (their wives tell the same story!).

Some of its components have been shown to have anti-spasmodic effects. It has been classed in the Merck index as an intoxicant (entry no. 5166 Kava). Its duration of action is 4-6 hrs with a pleasant return to normality.

There is one other use for Kava Kava I can think of:-

It has been known for some time now that people who used to use strychnine as a sexual stimulant (which works!) kept Kava Kava on hand as the antidote for strychnine poisoning. Useful as the side effects of overdosing were severe i.e. Death!!

Personally my experience with even large of doses of Kava Kava (up to the equivalent of 25g of root), is that the effects are subtle and leave me feeling just slightly more aware. A most pleasant experience.

Here is our summary of the effects when we list them for ingredients - some of this I have not mentioned directly.


Is a circulatory and mental stimulant, used to treat urinary infections and debility in sexual performance. It is an anti-spasmodic, with hypnotic narcotic and euphoric effects. It is also an intoxicant, with a duration of 4-6 hrs.